Ukraine home gives unique perspective

The father of NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof of Gaston grew up in Ukraine

Booker T. Washington, above, wrote “Up from Slavery” and believed that industrial education was the key to African-American progress.

Nicholas Buccola - Booker T. and W.E.B.

Prominent men at the turn of 19th century engage in the great higher ed debate still waged today between vocational education and liberal arts advocates

Good to engage owners along trail

Yamhelas Westsider Trail is proposed to run between McMinnville and Gaston

Mac on a roll

The city's 2014 goals and objectives include noteworthy new projects

Saving yourself from e-mail embarrassment

Someone out there will thank me for writing this column

Theresa Crain submitted photoIn McMinnville’s Lower City Park in 2010, children attending a free watershed stewardship program presented by McMinnville Library are checking Cozine Creek for aquatic life with leader Laura McMasters.

Laura McMasters - Just add nature

Children need unstructured time outdoors to become well-developed, self-reliant adults

Wasted time, and unnecessary facts

'Crossaholics' seek group support for addiction

Submitted photo
Debbie Mayo, left, helped build her own home in Lafayette, which was completed about eight weeks ago.

Darrick Price - Help for the 'home' stretch

Local nonprofit enables 184 families to become long-term homeowners

Charlie Hyman submitted photo
Danza Azteca performs in the Grand Lobby of the Chehalem Cultural Center during the Dia de Los Muertos Festival on Nov. 2.

Eve Silverman - Celebrating local culture

Each year, our Cultural Coalition supports various local projects with small grants

Ominous backdrop to teacher strikes

Oregon is worst in the nation at improving achievement in math

Major improvements to legislative website

The Oregon Department of Justice has a content- and feature-rich website for every aspect of state lawmaking

Psychologists say “Apptivity Seat” with iPad, designed for infants, is a terrible idea.

Jennifer Linder - Unplugging tiny brains

Many reasons are given for why parents have their babies view TV and DVDs

Rep. Bruce Hanna

Bruce Hanna - Add hydropower to Oregon's renewable energy portfolio

 Renewable Portfolio Standard excluded almost all the state’s hydroelectric power

Government conflict produces frustration

Too often, these battles are not about what’s right and what’s wrong

Submitted photo2009 Green Team members Nikia Mooney, left, and Maryssa Myers recycle paper in a classroom.

Sarah Norwood - Kids show their passion for recycling

Green Teams tap into Willamina fifth-graders’ energy, ardor for sustainability

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