'A great anniversary festival'

Independence Day — the Fourth of July — commemorates the United States’ adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776

Challenging time to find a manager

City Manager Kent Taylor will be a hard act to follow

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Jon Briggs, production supervisor at Freelin-Wade, discusses ways to establish a productive, efficient work line during a tour that includes Salvador Valesco of Universal Forest Products, middle with name tag; Martel Brown of Meggit Silicone, at right with name tag; and two others.

Sherl Hill - Qualified help wanted

McMinnville employer sees workforce deficiency, responds with outreach to potential employees

Ignoring the lessons of Middle East history

The Sunnis and Shiites have murdered one another for more than 1,450 years

Sounding off on GMO crops

Three Oregon newspapers offer opinions on new Josephine County law

Submitted photoIn the early 1990s, the writer’s father, Don Everingham, right, chats with the writer’s father-in-law, Victor “Cy” Evoniuk, in a beach house Cy built in Ocean Park, Wash.

Guy Everingham - Following in their footsteps

Grandfather of 10 learns life lessons from his biological father and father-in-law

School shootings a small part of the toll

U.S. traffic fatalities run nearly equal to firearm deaths, about 32,000 per year

Bond plans play out with numbers game

School bond proposals on the ballot were full of passion, and ended with a mixture of elation and disappointment

Amanda Marshall - Yes, to career - and family

Oregon’s U.S. Attorney finds her way to a balance that works

Get away from it all with random thoughts

I’m fishing this week, so consideration of the news is on hold

Three perspectives on downtown loitering

Dennis Marks, Steven Perkins and Cassie Sollars write about the issue, considering public safety, social issues and downtown businesses

Others Say 5/23: Marriage equality comes to Oregon

U.S. District Judge Michael McShane makes historic ruling on Monday

Politics of deception weaves tangled web

Sadly, deception is a core strategy for some candidates and many issue campaigns

Chrissy Ragulsky/News-Register file photo
Sydney Stern at age 4 charms onlookers in McMinnville as she rides on the county commissioners’ entry in a Veterans Day parade in November 2003.

Mary Stern - Commissioner leaves office

Stern praises voters, county employees, elected officials, local leaders, community spirit

I'm the government, and I'm here to help

Federal agencies blocked every effort to site Wallace Bridge on the easement

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