Reading politics between the lines

Oregon already has eliminated one barrier to voting by replacing polling places with home-delivered ballots

Marcus Larson filephoto/News-RegisterIn July 2012, Bruce Simonson runs the hay baler on his Sheridan farm. The first statewide land use planning system, established in Oregon in 1973, help maintain exclusive farm use for productive agricultural property.

Marilyn Worrix - Separating urban from rural

Oregon’s land use planning system marks 40 years of protection against sprawl

If tornado hits, we 'stop the presses'

In a 90-minute span, our staff went to the scene, snapped and processed photos, interviewed witnesses and officials, wrote the story and remade pages on the computer

Marcus Larson file photo
News-RegisterOne of the employees at Cascade Steel, which came to McMinnville through the efforts of MIP, 
is Fred Menke, 
who keeps watch on the steel recycling process.

Carol Granger - Connections boost economy

Starting in 1953, local organizations attract new businesses, help existing enterprises thrive, create mutually beneficial partnerships

A human transition that's shared by all

Two remarkable women died this week in Yamhill County

Tom Love - Twilight of the Petroleum Age affects our culture

♬ And we had fun, fun, fun ♫ … till we went over the net energy cliff

Ray Fields - Consider complex story of YCOM's founding, fund

A special district, like the one originally formed, could administer funds and maintain radio communications equipment on a permanent basis

Online help with donation decisions

Red Cross has the most widely recognized brand among American and international relief agencies

News-Register illustrationMost people think vehicle emissions are the single biggest contributor to greenhouse gases. But electricity production (coal burning) and industry contribute much more. The total of 28 percent for transportation consists of 17 percent for light vehicles, including cars and sport utility vehicles, and 11 percent for other transportation such as semi-trucks, trains, planes and buses.

Mike Colvin - Call a halt to ethanol

Adding more corn-based fuel to gasoline mix makes no sense, will not achieve our goals

Employment rights permeate MPD case

The government cannot demote or terminate a public employee without “due process.”

Shutterstock.comThe guest writer, a local compulsive gambler, is not identified by name or photo. This essay is one woman’s experience of gambling addiction, written with the hope that others may find the help they need. For more information, call Yamhill County’s gambling program at 503-434-7527.

Betting on the next $100

After blowing tens of thousands on her habit, gambling addict concentrates on turning her life around

It's all about having right tools and toys

In men, at least, the distinction between toys and tools can become pretty blurry

Others Say - May 17, 2013

Unwise cuts in the U.S. wildfire budget The best time to fight a wildfire is before it starts. Reducing fuels reduces fires. There’s less threat to the public, firefighters, trees, wildlife and ...

A simple message for the people of 'O'

At first, the people didn’t understand what was happening as servers' lifetime payments escalated

Submitted photoIn one of their last excursions together in April 2011, Clair Sarsozo and her son, Romero Jan Vivit III, age 20, visit Good Earth Pottery in Bellingham, Wash., a retail store with ties to their family and therefore special to them.

Clair Sarsozo - Navigating grief

Nature of mourning depends on depth, length of relationship, circumstances of death

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