Reviews — March 8

DVD: "Blast of Silence"   Book: "My Abandonment"

Reviews — March 1

DVD: “Never Say Never Again”   Book: “Where River Turns to Sky”

Reviews — February 22

DVD There’s no time like Oscar season to get caught up on the most popular titles, so while everyone is racing to grab “Flight” and “Argo,” this is a good time to see last ...

Reviews — February 15

DVD Spanish director Icíar Bollaín’s film “Even the Rain” is an amazing film that makes me regret I have so little space to persuade you to see it. The premise is so politically ...

Reviews — February 8

DVD: "Daybreakers"   Book: “The Florabama Ladies’ Auxiliary & Sewing Circle”

Reviews — February 2

DVD: "My Week with Marilyn"  Book: "Elsewhere"

Reviews — Jan. 25

DVD: "A Thousand Acres"   Book: "Johnson's Life of London"

Reviews — Jan. 18

DVD: "Mildred Pierce"   Book: "Tomatoland"

Reviews — January 11

DVD: "An American in Paris"   Book: "Waiting"

Reviews — January 4

DVD: "The Hunter"    Book: "Faithful Place"

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