Atlanta, other cities eye test tracks for self-driving cars

ATLANTA — Self-driving vehicles could begin tooling down a bustling Atlanta street full of cars, buses, bicyclists and college students, as the city vies with other communities nationwide to test the emerging technology.


US Defense Secretary Mattis: US will stay in Iraq a while

BAGHDAD — U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Monday he believes U.S. forces will be in Iraq and in the fight against Islamic State militants for a while, despite some rocky times between the two nations.


IS 'emboldened' in Pakistan, say analysts, officials

ISLAMABAD — A brutal attack on a beloved Sufi shrine that killed 88 people raised fears that the Islamic State group has become emboldened in Pakistan, aided by an army of homegrown militants benefiting from hideouts in neighboring Afghanistan, analysts and officials said Friday.


New supercomputer aids climate research in top coal state

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A new supercomputer in the top coal-mining state has begun critical climate-change research with support from even some global warming doubters, but scientists worry President Donald Trump could cut funding for such programs.


Salt of the earth: Road salt miners chip away at winter need

HAMPTON CORNERS, N.Y. — Deep below upstate New York's farm country, workers in ghostly tunnels are praying for snow.


N. Korea: We'll reject Malaysia autopsy of Kim half brother

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — North Korea said Friday it will reject the results of an autopsy on its leader's estranged half brother, the victim of an apparent assassination this week at an airport in Malaysia. Pyongyang's ambassador said Malaysian officials may be “trying to conceal something” and “colluding with hostile forces.”


Trump toilets, condoms could be flushed after his China win

SHANGHA — President Donald Trump's triumph in the fight to wrest back his brand for construction services in China could spell the end of more than 225 Trump-related marks here that don't belong to him, including Trump toilets, Trump condoms, Trump pacemakers and even a “Trump International Hotel.”


Grand jury report blasts NY foster care system

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. — A foster parent accused of sexually abusing boys in his care could have been stopped years earlier if not for “abysmal” communication among the child-welfare agencies involved, according to a special grand jury report obtained by The Associated Press.


Woman arrested in killing of N. Korean leader's half brother

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysian police arrested a woman Wednesday in the apparent assassination of Kim Jong Nam, the North Korean leader's exiled half brother who South Korean spies say once begged his sibling to spare his life.


Boeing vote tells next chapter in Southern unionization

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. — Nearly 3,000 production workers at Boeing's South Carolina plant are deciding whether they want to unionize, writing the next chapter in efforts to organize labor in large manufacturing plants across the South.


Russians remain patient for thaw with US under Trump

MOSCOW — As questions over the Trump administration's contacts with Russia roil U.S. politics, the Kremlin is taking a decidedly measured approach, carefully weighing what it says to avoid jeopardizing a chance for better relations between Moscow and Washington.


Evacuation lifted for 200K Californians living below dam

OROVILLE, Calif. — Nearly 200,000 Northern Californians who live downstream of the country's tallest dam were allowed to return home Tuesday after two nights of uncertainty, but they were warned they may still have to again flee to higher ground on a moment's notice if hastily made repairs to the battered structure don't hold.


Trump moves spark Iraqi anger, calls against future alliance

BAGHDAD — Reverberations from President Donald Trump's travel ban and other stances are threatening to undermine future U.S.-Iraqi security cooperation, rattling a key alliance that over the past two years has slowly beaten back the Islamic State group.


Gun industry seeks to ease gov't restrictions on silencers

ATLANTA — They are the stuff of legend, wielded by hit men and by James Bond. For decades, buying a silencer for a firearm has been as difficult as buying a machine gun, requiring a background check that can take close to a year.


New storm wallops Northeast, where 'Stay home' is message

PORTLAND, Maine — Plow trucks and shovelers in the Northeast attacked the region's newest winter storm Monday as fresh powder covered ever-growing snow piles and whiteout conditions made roads unsafe, immobilizing millions of residents.


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