Reviews — February 7

DVD: "Jane Eyre"   Book: "The Trouble With Poetry"

Reviews — January 31

DVD: "Lilies of the Field"   Book: "Shards"

Reviews — January 24

DVD: "Chasing Ice:   Book: “American Lightning: Terror, Mystery, the Birth of Hollywood and the Crime of the Century”

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DVD: "My Favorite Year"

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DVD: "The Spirit of St. Louis"   Book: "Birds of Paradise"

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DVD: “Europa Report”   Book: “The Man from Beijing”

Reviews — August 2

DVD: "The Heiress"   Book: "The Price of Blood"

Reviews — July 26

DVD: “The Spy Who Came in From the Cold”    Book: “The Keeper of Lost Causes”

Reviews — July 19

DVD: "Microcosmos"   Book: "Bossypants" 

Reviews — July 12

DVD: “Lust for Life”    Book:  “Something to Remember You By” 

Reviews — July 5

DVD Any honest retrospective of 1980s film necessarily includes, whether you like it or not, “First Blood.” Laugh if you must, and say what you will about star Sylvester Stallone, who appears ...

Reviews — June 28

DVD: "Elegy"   Book: “Hanging by a Thread: A Needlecraft Mystery”

Reviews — June 21

DVD: "Cleopatra"   Book: "Harm Done"

Reviews — June 14

DVD: "Superman"   Book: “The Glass Castle: A Memoir”

Reviews — June 7

DVD: "A Night at the Opera"   Book: "Lucky"

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