Bill raises questions about meds

Consumers, pharmacies and veterinarians all have stake in pet prescription business

Meaningful action starts with silence

Response should come from place of reflection, not fear

Marcus Larson/News-RegisterNavy veterans Scott Rue, left, and Dave Chambers in the McMinnville Vets’ Club, beneath a ceiling tile depicting their ship, the USS Iowa. The tile soon will include the names of 47 of their fellow sailors who were killed in an explosion aboard the battleship.

Battleship brothers

Two men who served together aboard USS Iowa meet again by chance in McMinnville

Our ranch dogs were smart, and knew it

Rusty and Blackie thought themselves invincible

Courtesy of Arlen SheldrakeThe new Oregon Rail Heritage Center opened in Portland on Sept. 22, 2012. It houses three vintage steam locomotives.

The museum that could

Yamhill train buff's donation makes Portland's Rail Heritage Center a reality

Vintage year for the wine business

Same wineries stay in top 20, with few changes in rankings

The strange story of a salesman, slumlord and shanghaier

Jim Turk ran a sailor's boardinghouse, one of society's most disreputable occupations

Submitted photoLincoln’s Beard — bass/banjo player Dwayne Spence, frontman Kris Chrisopulos, guitarist Aram Arslanian and drummer Abe Holderman — play a show in Bozeman, Mont., last year.

Vancouver band is a good bet

Casino sports bar hosts Lincoln's Beard this weekend

Marcus Larson/News-RegisterTammy McKenzie shows some of the awards she’s received during her two years in Naval Sea Cadets. She is the cadet in charge of Iron Side Division, which meets in Lafayette.

Already serving

Naval Sea Cadet of the Year gets early start on military career

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