Oregon insurance exchange tackles language barrier

About 14 percent of Oregon's population speaks a language other than English at home.

Studded tire bills scheduled for hearing

House bill would set a fee of $10 per tire.

All eyes on schools as Legislature turns to budget

Gov. Kitzhaber propose raise to schools budget of about half a million dollars.

Study: PERS employees get better benefits, cheaper

Study circling the capital in Salem as lawmakers consider options.

Crime up in Grants Pass since budget cuts

Numbers likely to get worse, director warns.

In death, Facebook photos could fade away forever

Out-of-date federal law limits laws passed at the state level.

2nd day of picketing at Port of Vancouver, Wash.

Equiptment sabotage by union leader sparks lockout. 

Eugene Youngsters take on tough questions

Schools implement one hour of philosophy a week for fourth- and -fifth graders.

Grants Pass considers moving tourism symbol Caveman

Few remaining Cavemen hope statue remains in city.

Dust from Africa affects snowfall in California

Western states have used loud seeding for years to increase rainfall.

Boquist's satirical bill targets knife sales

State Senator seeks to broaden discussion on school violence and mass attacks.

Klamath County votes to withdraw from water deal

Partner organizations say vote to pull out is illegal.

Gunman at RV park was recently evicted

Resident says man was taking down license numbers of people he wanted to shoot.

Death penalty opponents seek Oregon vote

Voters reinstated death penalty in 1984.

Legislator proposes 'keep right' driving law

Lawmakers reminisce about being stuck behind slow-moving vehicles

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