Ranchers want more authority to kill wolves

Current plan allows ranchers to only kill wolves caught in the act.

Oregon doctor tends to wounded at marathon

Organizers praised for being well-trained in emergency situation.

Legislative panel discusses Oregon sales tax measure

Committee puts 5 percent tax on goods and servies on the table.

Nevada historians seek to honor explorer Fremont

Adventurer overdue for naming of geographic feature, society says.

DA wants special prosecutor to help stem violence

"Proactive prosecution" proposal draws mixed reactions.

Prolific thief drives up property crime rates

"He was just a multitasking bad guy.”

Source:Wikipedia, User:DukA bunch of Brits claim Mill Ends Park doesn t qualify as a park.

Brits, Americans feud over park, tongues in cheeks

Mill Ends Park proclaimed world's smallest park by the Guiness Book of World Records in 1971.

Kitzhaber plans workplace help for disabled

Sixty-one percent of disabled workers in sheltered workshops, Justice Department reports.

Organic apples, pears to be antibiotic-free

Grows struggle with blight, may consider dropping organic certification.

Senate approves Democrats' pension cuts

House could vote on bill as soon as next week.

Oregon Senate mulls immigrant driver's license bill

Bill follows passing of law allowing immigrant students to pay in-state tuition.

Oregon lawmakers consider medical pot dispensaries

Alternative approach calls for simple approach to connect cardholders and growers.

Victims: Drop deadline for child sex-abuse cases

Defendent worry request would interfere with defendant's right to a fair trial.

Oregon Democrats' tax plan takes shape

Leaders propose to raise $275 in additional revenue through taxes.

West Coast fisheries to see ecosystem approach

“It's the beginning of a paradigm shift in fisheries management.”

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