Nathalie Hardy

A local mother writes her columns in the margins of a busy family life.

Back against the wall

It took 20 minutes to walk my 5-year-old two blocks to pre-school. It took twice as long to get him up, fed, dressed and out the door. He didn’t want to wear the school’s field trip shirt. ...

The parent trap

I just had an idea for the best mother’s day gift in the history of ever. Maybe. I mean, it’s no child-crafted macaroni necklace. Those are so precious they are priceless. This is something ...

Lessons learned poolside

When I set off to visit my parents in Palm Springs, where they live when they aren’t back in the Old Country, I knew my boys would learn some new words in my native tongue of Slovak.  Nathalie ...

How to be a holiday mom

I knew I wanted to be a holiday mom before either Pinterest or my kids came into being. Long before people were creating virtual alternate realities, I was clipping ideas and recipes for fun things to ...

A manifesto of one's own

Your assignment: Write down your personal parenting philosophy

The screw not swallowed

A Hardy family Chistmas story

So what if you don't sew

But good for you if you do

Heaven help us

The Hardy boys go to church

Find a need and fill it

The best way to teach children how to help others is by showing

Because I said so

Instead of judging or criticizing, help a mama out

A day in the life

Welcome to my world

Beyond the bon-bons

Even simple tasks are a challenge with two little ones in tow

You say boredom like it's a bad thing

In truth, it's awesome. There. I said it.

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