Nathalie Hardy

A local mother writes her columns in the margins of a busy family life.

Hardy: Parents, let's speak openly about privacy

Keep your private parts private. It’s a mantra for parents of little discoverers. Nathalie Hardy Hardy writes in the margins of her life with two little boys and a husband who understands ...

Hardy: When snacks attack

So, it turns out my mom was right. Again.  Actually that’s starting to seem like the refrain of my adulthood.  It turns out this whole snacking all the time trend is kind of a problem. Nathalie ...

Hardy: Gearing up for school

Right about now, back to school season is in full swing. And if you find yourself in a store with an office supply section, you’re sure to find parents muttering about the prices. If you enjoy eavesdropping, ...

Hardy: Savoring the seasons as they come

The other night, my family set out to enjoy Newberg’s spectacular Old-Fashioned Festival fireworks display. What was truly incredible, though, is the epiphany I had in the middle of it.  Nathalie ...

Hardy: Feelings and other freaky things

Eight years ago, I spent two days in a stuffy room full of other pregnant mamas and their birthing partners, learning the ins and outs of, well, getting the baby in my belly out into the world.  That ...

Back against the wall

It took 20 minutes to walk my 5-year-old two blocks to pre-school. It took twice as long to get him up, fed, dressed and out the door. He didn’t want to wear the school’s field trip shirt. ...

The parent trap

I just had an idea for the best mother’s day gift in the history of ever. Maybe. I mean, it’s no child-crafted macaroni necklace. Those are so precious they are priceless. This is something ...

Lessons learned poolside

When I set off to visit my parents in Palm Springs, where they live when they aren’t back in the Old Country, I knew my boys would learn some new words in my native tongue of Slovak.  Nathalie ...

How to be a holiday mom

I knew I wanted to be a holiday mom before either Pinterest or my kids came into being. Long before people were creating virtual alternate realities, I was clipping ideas and recipes for fun things to ...

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