What's New in OB/GYN!?

Women’s Health Care is pleased to announce the arrival of Dr. Celina Sears, a board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist who recently moved here from Japan.  She has an interest in the use of auricular acupuncture for the treatment of chronic pain.  She joins Dr. Kay Case and Certified Nurse Midwife Anne Ziemba. 

The Birth Center at WVMC has two new offering to enhance the mother-to-be’s experience.  Nitrous oxide is available to use during labor as well as immediately post partum to decrease pain.  In women wanting to avoid an epidural this may be a useful tool.  Also, the natural cesarean – with the transfer of a newborn immediately into the arms of their mother after delivery – is an option available to both women having a scheduled repeat cesarean or whenever a cesarean becomes necessary for delivery.

Women’s Health Care is now using laser technology to rejuvenate vaginal tissue that has lost function from post-menopausal estrogen deprivation.  The MonaLisa Touch provides stimulation of the vaginal tissue to improve strength and lubrication while eliminating the need to use estrogen.

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Physician and Surgeon, Women's Health Care

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