Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer awareness is highlighted in October. Advances in medicine in recent years are helping to make death from breast cancer less of a threat.  Hereditary genetic risk assessment, improved mammography with tomosynthesis and risk stratification to determine when increased surveillance would be helpful are all contributing to early detection and cancer prevention – the keys to improved outcomes.

 BRCA 1 & 2 are just two of many gene mutations that can contribute to an increased risk for familial breast cancer.  Testing coverage has expanded and a simple family history shared with your care provider will determine whether testing is recommended for you.

 WVMC has been using tomosynthesis for several years to get a 3D image of the breast at the time of your mammogram.  It has increased the sensitivity – allowing radiologists to find concerning growths sooner and avoid unnecessary biopsies for benign lesions.

 Compiling multiple risk factors – family history, use of hormones, age when first delivery occurred – can give an individual a personalized lifetime risk for breast cancer.  If it is >20%, additional testing may be warranted to catch problems early.

 The providers at Women’s Health Care are happy to discuss the appropriate approach for prevention and / or early detection of breast cancer for you.  Call us at 503-435-2020.

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Physician and Surgeon, Women's Health Care

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