Legal Notice


Bid Opening: Sealed Bids will be received digitally by the City of Carlton’s consultant, Tetra Tech until 2:00pm, November 03, 2022 (“the Bid Opening Date and Time”). Scanned bid shall be clearly marked “Carlton Civic Building” and shall be emailed to Hunter Bennett-Daggett at, Assistant City Engineer, on or before the above Bid date and time. The timepiece used to determine the precise passing of the Bid Opening Date and Time shall be the clock on the computer of the Assistant City Engineer; as shown on the email receipt timestamp associated with Bidder’s email in Assistant City Engineer’s email inbox. Bidder may contact the Assistant City Engineer at (503) 598-2502 to inquire about the computer clock’s exact timing. Bids sent prior to the bid opening date and time, but not received before the closing time based upon the time stamp will not be opened. No hard copies or faxed quotes will be considered. Bids will be publicly opened using online meeting software. A link to the online bid opening will be provided to prospective bidders in an addendum, and the opening procedure will be recorded. First-Tier Subcontractor Disclosure Statements must be submitted by email on the same date by no later than 4:00 PM. By submitting an electronic bid, the bidders certify that the signature on the electronic bid is treated as an original signature for the purposes of the bid. The bidder also certifies that an original bid bond will be mailed to the City of Carlton with a postdate no later than November 03, 2021. It shall be mailed to: City of Carlton, PO Box 458, Carlton, OR, 97111. The Work consists of: The construction of a new Civic Building for the City of Carlton; A 2-story, type 5B wood structure. Program consists of a Community Room, City Hall offices, Public Safety Office, and support services. Site work for the Civic Building is to be itemized separately as noted in the bidding form. Additional scope of work to include a parking lot and landscaping to the north, and a parking lot and landscaping to the west. Each of the parking areas are to be itemized separately in bid form. All work on the Project will be performed to meet the highest standards prevalent in the industry. Documents: Digital copies of the solicitation documents may be obtained from the City of Carlton’s consultant, Tetra Tech, by contacting Becky Connelly at or 503.510.7375. In addition, specifications, including bidding documents and conditions of the agreement, may be obtained from the following plan centers: • Salem Contractor's Exchange, 2256 SE Judson Street, Salem, OR 97309 • DJC Plan Center, 921 SW Washington Street, Suite 210, Portland, OR 97205 • SW Washington Contractor Association, 7017 NE Highway 99, No.214, Vancouver, WA 98665 Pre-Bid Conference: A non-mandatory pre-bid conference is planned for this project on October 5, 2022 at 10:00 am at City Hall. The pre-bid conference will include a site visit. All Bidders are strongly encouraged to attend. Oregon Public Contracting Law: Bidders are required to comply with applicable biddings and contracting procedures, rules, and regulations. This includes requirements for timely submission of the First-Tier Subcontracting Form and compliance with wage rate requirements. BOLI wage rates shall prevail. Bids will not be received or considered unless the Bidder is licensed by the Construction Contractors Board as required by ORS 279C.365(1)(k). Bid Security: Each Bid must contain a statement as to whether the Bidder is a resident bidder, as defined in ORS 279.029. Each proposal must be submitted on the prescribed form and accompanied by a Bid Bond payable to the City of Carlton in an amount not less than five percent (5%) of the Bid amount. Owners Reservations: Bids may be held by the City of Carlton for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days from the date Bids are due for the purpose of reviewing Bid Documents and investigating qualifications of Bidders. The City of Carlton reserves the right to reject any or all Bids for good cause, or any or all Bids upon a finding of the Owner that it is in the public interest to do so, to waive any irregularities, and to accept that Bid from the lowest responsible Bidder, which is in the best interests of the City of Carlton. Failure to Perform: Upon successful bid and selection, failure to perform the scope of work identified in this Invitation to Bid or failure to meet established performance standards could result in, but are not limited to, the City of Carlton reducing or withholding payment, requiring performance at successful Bidder’s expense, requiring additional work to perform identified scope of work, declaring a default, terminating the contract, and seeking damages. Recyclable Products: Bidders shall use recyclable products to the maximum extent economically feasible in the performance of the contract work set forth in this document. Questions: For information regarding this project, contact Mark Schmidt of Holst Architecture at 503.233.9856. NR Published September 27, 2022