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Women's march planned

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Women marching for the inalienable right to kill their babies. What a country!


"Women marching for the inalienable right to kill their babies. What a country!"

Medical removal of cells before viability. Using words like "kill" and "babies" is done with intention to politically charge up the republican base and twist the truth. They are meaningless and do not apply. Your words are a sad and silly commentary on a very personal and serious subject for women. You insult our intelligence with your ignorant talking points parroted from equally uninformed men who think they know something about biology and have some say in what we do with our bodies and lives.


“Medical removal of cells…” Nice try to reframe the reality of destroying an unborn child, Mudstump. Endangered animals have more protection “before viability” than humans in the wombs of their mothers.


Sponge, you believe what you want, but biology and science don't agree with you. If it's not your cells why do you feel the need to tell woman what to do with their cells. No one will ever force you to carry a child you don't want so, what business is it of yours? Just want to push your beliefs on others? That's not freedom.


Tell that to the dead baby. It’s not the mother’s cells at stake here.


Mudstump your pushing your belief onto others.....double standard as usual. A heartbeat is the cutoff. You are going to argue with that science?


What laws are on the books that control and determine what a man can or can't do with his body?


Here we go yet again, beating that same old tired drum. What you really mean is, if you want to play, there's a piper to be paid nine months later. And who is elected to carry that burden? The "bad" girls. That's all we need in this demented country--thousands more unwanted children subjected to maiming, torture and death--usually at the hands of a lowlife, drugged up punk incapable of taking care of a goldfish. Everyone of childbearing years--males as well as females--should have access to free birth control. And if there happens to be an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy, women need safe, reliable medical care to deal with it. It's the law. You, on the other hand, act like all these women should display the scarlet "A" (look it up). Why don't you consider relocating to the Middle East where acid-throwing honor-killing idiots think like you? Or better yet, MYOB.


Lulu…that was the best comment I read in years. Thank you !


Mask-and-Vaccine mandates violate the PRO-CHOICE argument: "My Body My Choice" or I like this one better: "Get your rosaries off our ovaries!" chanted. The U.S. Constitution guards against the taking of life. That is the core issue here. So when does life begin? The ROE-V-WADE case did not answer that question, back in 1973, with 1973 technology. Now 2021 we can watch little fetus Sally such her thumb, and place the ultra-sound video on FACEBOOK as "Baby's first home video". Pretty cool eh?


LML - "Mudstump your pushing your belief onto others.....double standard as usual. A heartbeat is the cutoff. You are going to argue with that science?"

Myocytes (heart cells) beat independently. The presence of myocytes doesn't mean there is a functioning heart or a have heart cells...that's it.

My beliefs? If you chose to believe that a bunch of cells are a baby that's your business. The problem is you want to control what I do with YOUR beliefs. Got it? The law as it exists doesn't require you to terminate a baby so how does my right to an abortion affect you or your rights? Please do tell.


How about we make it mandatory that all males have a vasectomy as soon as it is medically viable? What? Are you saying that you don't want the government telling you what you can do with your body? Vasectomies would cut the abortion rate significantly.

After all, a vasectomy can be reversed when a man wants to have a child. Come on's the responsible thing to do. Right?


So much focus is placed or misplaced on women when it comes to abortion. A woman is fertile about 24 days a year (approx. two days per month) and her fertility ends when she goes through menopause at middle age. A man on the other hand is fertile 365 days a year and his fertility only ends when he dies. One man can cause 1,000+ unwanted pregnancies in a year...yet, we blame women. Texas State Rep. Bryan Slaton, has introduced a bill that will include the death penalty for women who have an abortion or anyone who performs one. What about the man who impregnated her? No mention of the man is there?