By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Wilsonville Road to connect to Highway 219

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A map would be a useful addition to this article.

fir tree

What a mess! One more additional intersection clogging up 219 even more. The bypass should've been taken straight across 219 instead of doglegging the way it does now. This additional intersection would not have been necessary and the traffic flow would have been way better. I thought the funding for the bypass was limited. Why not spend it efficiently? Oh that's right, politicians were involved.......


It's a little messy the way they are doing it, but I have to say I am very, very grateful for the bypass. Makes things so much quicker and easier. Looking forward to this last part of it.
Sounds like phase two is in the works too. A big thanks to all those who are pushing it forward!

Ossie Bladine

Suede, map added.


I agree with Joel. I don't use the bypass often, but when I's very nice.

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