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Two adults found dead on rural property near Sheridan

Both had been shot; authorities say evidence points to domestic violence incident

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I knew Rusty. He was from a prominent San Franciscan family that had a sordid past. Rusty seemed gentle and a little lost. He was very well educated and a former business entrepreneur. He moved to Sheridan to escape his family and the highly visible life in high society. I liked him and always enjoyed our conversations. I also knew Karen. She was a vivacious person with tons of energy and a love of all things herbal and alternative foods. She had a business that was based in Marin County. She went back and forth between the two places.

Rusty's mother shot and killed herself when she learned that Rusty's father was having an affair with a member of a well know Hollywood family, Denise Minellie. When Rusty's father died he left his entire estate to Denise and cut the family off. Rusty fought it and received some small amount of the vast fortune.

This is all documented in Rusty's sister's book, "Beyond His Control."

I am saddened to learn how Karen and Rusty died. This is another example of how having guns around can cause people to act impulsively and permanently.


I won't give up my guns because a few people behave irrationally, and I am certain that I am not alone. Given the millions of firearms in civilian hands in the US - nearly all which are stored and used responsibly - sad incidents such as these are statistically insignificant.