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Three kicked from Mac soccer team amid hazing allegations

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I wish our Police Department would be a little more transparent. I can understand why they wouldn't release the names of the juveniles involved but it would be helpful if they would be more forthcoming about what happened. Why hide it? Let's get it out in the open so that as a community we adults and the kids we strive to influence can have a sense of what is acceptable and what is not.


Joel my guess it’s the school district that lacks the transparency. If you have ever dealt with them you would know that they act like they are a combination of the FBI and the CIA. You can’t get a meeting with administrators or school board members unless you go through more phone calls and interviews than a Supreme Court justice. I’ve tried to do projects for the district for years and it’s the third degree every time. I’ve finally just given up trying to donate time and money for the kids. The district has given athletics the same treatment for the last ten years so what happened is no surprise. It’s been a revolving door of coaches except for a few sports and nobody seems to care. It would be interesting to have the News Register do some research and see how many coaches have quit and how many have been hired over the last ten years.


Re Jim,
You would think that with the high turnover of coaches, the school board and principal would ask the question why? Talk to the coaches who have left and they will tell you. Lack of organization, support for anything but the football program. The AD swaggers around the school like he owns it and wants to put everyone in their place.


Nick i question how well you know the AD. He works countless hours improving athletics and facilities at the high school. He is dedicated to giving the best opportunity to every student athlete.


People are talking and rumors flying. This incident needs to be addressed now.

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