By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Suspect sought in Newberg flag burning

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If Nazis and white supremacists support your team....then you should switch to another team.

Bill B

Facial recognition software might come in handy in a situation like this.

Chris Trunde

Vandalism. Destruction of property by arson. Those are the only two appropriate charges.

We can not condone, whatsoever, lighting a flag of any type or representation on fire. It’s cowardly, childish behavior. By all means, find this fool and sock it to him.

However, get rid of the “hate crime” idea, altogether. This is no more a hate crime than burning someone’s American flag, with or without additions such as interesting colors.

Like it or not, this man has the right to hate, even the right to strenuously and verbally object to, the American flag being desecrated with symbols and colors that have no business on it. He also has the right to “hate” the LGBTQ+ community and express it verbally, even loudly. We are not obligated to like it; we are obligated to respect his right to be a dunce as much as we expect the same be given us.

What he does not have the right to do is vandalize other’s property or put their house in jeopardy of fire. Nobody has that right.

As for the desecration of the American Flag, be it symbols, colors, or burning it in protest, I’m pretty sure the majority of Veterans - whom we will be honoring soon - take serious offense at those activities. Rightly so. Their offense is no less valid than those who are offended by being hated.


I totally agree Chris. I’ve noticed a lot of American flags where they are changing one stripe to blue. It is so disrespectful. Betsy Ross had a great design and they are just changing the color.

As for veterans, I hope they like symbols of inclusion of minorities and support of the oppressed. After all, we aren’t Russia.


The guy in the video setting the flag on fire is committing a violent assault on that home and everyone inside. This is why we have the 2nd amendment and that man should have been made the poster child for consequences.

I do find it interesting that the Oregonian website’s link to the video takes you to an Antifa linked account on Twitter for ‘Schoolboardbloc Protect Trans Kids’. The guy looked like Antifa, acted like Antifa, the video was circulated by Antifa. Sure is odd that a week before a hotly contested election where the party of chaos is about to get it handed to them, odd things like this keep popping up, not just locally, but nationwide. I am not saying the family in that home did anything but become a victim.

And Paul, we are 3 days out of the midterm election, you forgot to tie it to election deniers and maybe we could have gotten a couple of paragraphs from Beth Watoski on what she has done to protect flags in Dayton. And who are the neo-Nazi groups from out of town that you keep saying have shown up to protest in support of the district? The young republicans? Boy scouts? I searched the NR online archives and reviewed the articles regarding the school board. And could find nothing about democrat-socialists or any other nazi’s storming the village.

C Trunde

Jean, if Antifa - which, ironically, is Facist to the core - supports your team, then you should switch to another team.

The fact is, “moderation” in all things, including politics, is essential for a functioning Democracy where ideas can be shared and the People are represented.


Racism which is the core belief of white supremacy and the NAZI movement should not be tolerated even in moderation… there is no room on any team for those ideas.


No matter how you try to spin it....hate is not good. Be wary of anyone that says to hate is OK. It's not.