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Students protest on behalf of principal

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So Jami Fluke, whose school achieved one of the highest graduation rates in the state, is thanked with a knife in the back and her walking papers.
These students have every right to express their outrage.


Astonished and dumbfounded. A 14% graduation rate increase in 4 years or less - 3 times faster than the state average, plus building and leading a great team of educators and engaging students in a transformative way - and this is what Jami Fluke gets? This is a sad day in Dayton.


While the board's action may be eyebrow-raising, not enough information is available to cry foul, yet.


Reminds me of a classic line from "The Simpsons": "Am I so out of touch? No. It's the children who are wrong."


Sure--now here comes the transparency part from the bean counters...any minute now...


They need to look at bigger problems than their principal. Their attendance/discipline secretary has no professional boundaries. She shares personal and confidential information which violates HIPPA laws. She thrives off the gossip and has no remorse on the affect this has on students, their reputation and families.


I believe Hays' wish to move forward will be denied, and rightfully so.

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