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Zippy's Pizza shooting defendant guilty of all 12 charges

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A New Generation

But now that he’s had institutionally inflicted sobriety, not even a whiff of regret or contrition? Wow.
Might take a lot to reprogram those thinking errors...


Probably can't remember

A New Generation

"Once Mershon had been placed in an ambulance, Hartman said he detected an odor of alcohol, and he believed he was "reasonably" intoxicated." Surely there was a blood test taken, especially if shooting was involved. Somehow it was never reported what his blood alcohol content was.... care to comment, N-R?

Paul Daquilante

A New Generation . . .

A blood draw was taken at Oregon Health & Science University, where Mershon was treated for a hand injury - gunshot wound. A BAC was not divulged as a part of testimony during any part of the testimony.

Paul Daquilante/reporter


Interesting to read all of this information. Today starts State of Oregon vs DAMIAN BRADLEY BELANDER, will the NR be there for that?

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