By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Sheriff's office will buy new guns

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I'm sure the sheriff knows what he's doing...but I am kind of surprised. If I had to defend myself with lethal force I would much rather have a big sturdy .40 than a little 9mm.
I almost wonder if their is a typo in the article (were the caliber's mentioned in the article inadvertently reversed??)


Law enforcement agencies all around the country, at the city, county and state levels, have been switching from .40 to 9mm.

The 9's are lighter in weight, easier to handle and easier to shoot with accuracy. They feature less kick, higher velocity and greater capacity. They are also less prone to jamming.

Most agencies are going with the Glock, which is made of high-tech plastic. Very light, but also very rugged. Will take a lot of abuse.

Cops used to all carry .38 specials. It changes over time.