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School district will focus on equity

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Can we add "equality" to the agenda as well? As in the MHS sports programs? It seems that certain families' children are able to "cry" their way onto the varsity soccer team. And how is it that the varsity coach took her "team" on a beach getaway before tryouts even occurred? Certain girls were invited before they had even tried out for the team.


Happycamper there will never equity or equality in this school district till they change out some of the leadership that’s been around way to long. It’s not just athletics it’s every aspect of education in this school district that needs new leaders.


1) All the best to McMinnville district administration and educators as the new school year starts. You're doing a remarkable job; keep striving to do even better!
2) Jim, just a few grammatical corrections on your comments: it should be "too" long, and you should really put a semicolon in your second sentence to separate the two independent clauses. Keep striving to do even better!


Scott thanks for the English lesson. Wish you well in your new adventure. My battle for equity for every child in the district continues.


Teachers are not superheroes in any sense of the term. They are human beings--many doing the best they can caught in impossible situations--terrible, drug-addicted parents, too many and top-heavy pedantic administrators, curriculum out of touch with reality or dumbed down. All of us share a school experience and realize teachers are not interchangeable--there are a small number of unforgettable, inspiring ones and others who are adequate and nothing more. Just like lawyers, car mechanics, doctors, clerks, and all other professions, some obviously have chosen the wrong jobs for their personalities and don't qualify for much r-e-s-p-e-c-t.


Thanks Jim. Cheers! (As they say Down Under)

Sal Peralta

Jim's Eeyore analysis is, as per usual, at odds with the data and general perception of Mac Schools We have one of the lowest dropout rates and highest participation rates of any district in the state, yet, as usual, he has nothing positive to say about the work of our district and educators. Here's a story from last year's Oregonian about how the Mac School District "shattered" the state's pattern of educational failure.
Thank you educators!


Sal take a deep breath and hug a couple of trees you will be okay. Let’s address your points. Low drop out rates are great but how many kids graduate from E School? Test scores are great but do we ignore the rest of children’s education to achieve those scores? How many administrators got moved this year? I believe 6 and it happens every year. Hiring problem? I personally don’t think all is well in our school district.

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