By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Remembering Sarah

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Its too bad that historical buildings are being replaced by modern crap with another high-end restaurant.


Too bad for whom? Make your case to the Historic Landmarks Committee; that’s why they exist.


I thought they were demolishing the old and putting a new one in that resembled the old. I respect that. Keep the main street looking the same but let's upgrade the insides with more appropriate heating, electric and such.


I loved the article on my Grandmother. Her maiden name was Sarah A. Kilby. She was a very good artist. I have her paintings hanging in my home.


The comment as Egli is from Jean Ann Bogh.


Thank you Tom Henderson and Jean Ann Bogh for shedding more light on Sarah A Fletcher. We will do our best to honor your grandparents' history and their contribution to McMinnville. Ernie Munch, Architect

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