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Plans speed ahead to replacing cruising festival

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This is somewhat disappointing in that, despite being 9 blocks away, the continual revving of endless circling cars will screw up parking on our street and keep us awake nights after all. But at least it won't be called Dragging the Gut. The whole event has always seemed wasteful and pointless, but the name was far and away the worst part.


Bonny must not have grown up here. "Dragging the Gut" was part of growing up around here. The long timers that have been here since before it grew into "wine country" have fond memories of those days. Each year we see people that we have not seen in decades and can reminisce about simpler times. Sorry it disrupts your peace...maybe get out and enjoy some of the festivities??


I’m glad it’s going to be continued. It’s one event a year where all the local folks use Third Street. Thank you for the effort it will take to put this on.

Mac Native 66

Way to go Tim. As a family friend it is good to hear that some have stepped up to keep it going, even though it's under a different name. Tim, I hope that you will ask Ruben to help out in any way that he can. Also, I'm hopping that we will cross paths at Wal-Mart some time before the big day. Bonnybedlam, with a statement like that, you must be a transplant from another state. Might I suggest that you take a long vacation that weekend? That way you don't have to hear the Hot Rods and we don't have to hear you whine.
P.S. Someone needs to bring Lemon Peel to the streets.

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