By Scott Unger • Of the News-Register • 

Planning Commission OKs major mixed-use development in NW Mac

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Interesting that 3 story buildings are included when the city council limited that parcel to 2 stories max in order to address density and traffic concerns on Baker Creek Road. I wonder if Planning included that information in the Staff Report presented to the Planning Commission?


Would be interesting to hear the plan for traffic on both Baker Creek & Hill roads.

Easy Writer

It's a food desert out there. They really need a grocery store.


How is Baker Creek Rd. going to support the extra traffic? It's already a nightmare now.

Local Yokel

Sweet! More Hillsboro Homes coming to Mac!! The streets will be lined with cars when the parking idea fails, too!


Y'all need to go to City Council if you don't want this to happen. They can stop it as they did the big hotel downtown.

Unfortunately the Planning Commission has to vote based upon criteria and not emotion. It was vocalized by Commissioner Tucholsky this project isn't yet suitable for the area and needs fixed. Unfortunately the opinions don't matter, only whether it meets city standards.


We don't want to look like Beaverton, keep MAC charm. Three stories plus a huge parapet on the commercial building overlooking a residential neighborhood is offensive. Is there a height restriction variance here like when the built the apartments with flood lights that light up the neighbors?


We need another high school. How about giving our kids a more comfortable place to learn and not in such a crowded situation..


Jim, I believe it was councilor Garvin who proposed limiting the parcel to 2 stories because no one could agree on a height based on number of feet. The other councilors agreed and the meeting moved forward. It would be helpful to remind the councilors of their previous agreement.

That parcel has been a moving target since 2017. The planning department continues to disregard previous agreements and ordinances that residents fight for, in favor of large, non-local developers who take their money and run. I say that based on the fact that the entire 135+ acre parcel was purchased by Stafford for only $3 million. Based on the number of lots, a lot of profit ended up in Lake Oswego rather than McMinnville. But we did get the traffic, density, and strain on our infrastructure.

That parcel was originally restricted to 10 acres, commercial only, when I got involved in 2017. This will be the third or fourth time planning has changed the rules on us, just on that parcel, in favor of developers.


Why would you teach your children to be responsible homeowners when you can just sell to Blackrock and call it a day?

Single-Family Residences lose again.


I think the fact that it sits next to a substation makes this property more conducive to retail than residential.

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