By Emily Hoard • Staff Writer • 

ODOT talks with Carlton business people about street work

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How does Ken Wright figure that the alternative route would cut Carlton in two any more than the current traffic setup? You have to cut across the street from the east side whether or not the trucks are diverted further north. Seems like he's more worried that the truck traffic would be diverted next to his winery. He should just come out and say that rather than trying to disguise it as a concern for the community...


vanfarm, you just beat me to the punch.. I was thinking the same thing. I too believe that all Ken Wright is concerned about is his own interests and how they may be affected. His comments just don't make any sense. I would think that the plan would include provisions for pedestrians to safely reach these places. I would love to see the trucks diverted North and come back into 47 by the grocery store. I remember my Dad telling me that those three blocks of Main Street were never properly built as you can see by the continuing potholes and deterioration. Finally, it sounds like they are going to go deep under the street and do the proper sub-structure to support to ashpalt and traffic pressure. As to whether main street should have parking for cars, or a bike lane. I would rather see neither. As it is, it is dangerous enough on weekends or Holidays when the " wine tourists" think that they own the street and can just stroll across it as they wish..


Ken's word has more value than all of us other Carlton residents, don't ya vanfarm? I too support the north route, and think there should be NO bike lanes down Main st.

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