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New proposed laws target loitering

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Ban this. Ban that. Ban, ban, ban. This Mayor and his council will go down in McMinnville history as the great banners.


Why can’t enforcement be based on people not using the structure for its intended purpose?. If you don’t have a vehicle parked in the structure and you’re not going to or coming from that have no business being there.....


I for one am a bit confused. The article states that the new ordinance would basically adopt the state health code into ordinance, but the Council is being asked to ban smoking entirely on 3rd street because of the behavioral issues. This of course is being a ban that not only addresses criminal issues but social issues as well and social impact issues are the hardest to legislate. This to me raised the following questions. 1. How does this also impact all residents and visitors to McMinnville. 2. What are the inpacts on certain businesses downtown such as the Oak. The Blue Moon, the Cabana. Will this ban impact their business and if so, how. 3. How much will this cost the city and Police Departments to enforce and how effective will the enforcement be. Does this just move the issue to 2nd street or 4th street, and then what happens. 4. What are the measurable outcomes. How will the citizens know if the ban is effective or cost justifiable. As ex mayor this certainly will be a difficult decision for the Council to make. I feel confident that the current council will take all impacts into consideration prior to making a decision and will be able to justify the decision in the future based on facts and outcomes. This is something that is referred to as Evidence Based Decision Making (EBDM).


If the Blue Moon smokers had chairs out back that would improve the walk along Third Street immensely.


I have asked this question before with no answer....What will the city do with those people who loiter but, do not smoke?


Mudstump, They'll ban 'em.


Leo, even though i am not a smoker i would like to see nothing more than establishing a back area for smokers. Unfortunately that would take action by the City Council because there is a short service alley behind three businesses that is used for servicing of electrical, propane, deliveries, etc. I am not positive if this is a dedicated city easement or owned outright by the City. The grass area next to the alley is city property and was originally dedicated as a community open space and eventually to be used for parking. That being said, i do not know if that would be considered a park since it is green open space or a parking lot. Either way under the proposal smoking would be banned in both the service alley and the green space and the existing rear parking lot. I would love to see the Blue Moon be able to put a small outdoor smoking area but the current proposal and easement or ownership by the City would not allow that to happen unless an exception being made in the new ordinance to address these types of issues. I would think the Council was made aware of these types of impacts and issues for businesses when the study and ordinance was reviewed.

Mac Native 66

Remy's seat is coming up for election, as well as two others. What is needed is some people who are natives of the city. Born and raised here. Not some transplant form out of state.


Mac Native 66,
Please stop it. This is not the first time you've falsely accused lifelong residents of being somehow alien. These kinds of personal attacks do not move our community forward or help us come together around difficult issues like the ones being reported on here.

Remy Drabkin grew up right here in McMinvville.
Nevertheless, anyone who has worked as hard and contributed as much as she has deserves our respect as a fellow member of our community, regardless of where they grew up. You don't have to agree with her or anyone else for that matter. But please don't resort to these kinds of pointless personal attacks.

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