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Meeting set on Westside Road bypass between Mac and Yamhill

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Man...not sure a bunch more truck traffic entering McMinnville from westside road Is a good thing.....More traffic pressure on Baker Creek Rd and the intersection of 99W doesn’t seem like a great idea without some substantial improvements...

Don Dix

Southbound traffic from Westside would be stopped (lights and signs) at Baker Creek Rd., 19th, and Baker St. (3) -- or at Baker Creek Rd, and at Evans and Baker (2). The amount of traffic added to these already busy intersections and wear on Mac's surface streets would be not only foolish, but costly.

Westside Rd. is used frequently for slow-moving farm equipment to travel to other area crop fields. That slow pace is already a challenge for the traffic using the route.

Carlton owns their situation. It makes no sense to alleviate Carlton's dilemma (6 or 7 blocks of change) only to cause miles of problems from Yamhill city center into McMinnville's NW residential sector.


I agree with you Don Dix. That is not a viable option for too many reasons to count.


"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few..."

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