By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

‘A horrible way to spend the end’

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Since when is the Judge required to accept a lousy plea deal?....He certainly has the authority to reject it if it doesn’t serve justice.
90 days is meager punishment for a pre meditated crime on a helpless victim....and the DA recommended 60 days?.....This sick puppy deserves a much stronger response from the court. The DA dropped the ball on this one...


Makes me sick ...

Joel R

Oh. My. God. As someone who is currently dealing with decisions on how to help my aging parents, that is horrifying and sickening beyond words. Did Meuy Chao offer an apology to the family too? Couldn't Brad Berry have intervened and sought some justice for this family??

Bill B

This is typical for our DA. Plea bargain everything.


Brad Berry must go.


What a crock of B.S. The DA's office plea bargains for a light sentence on premediated rape of a person who couldn't resist. What would Brad Berry say if it was his grandmother? Collins told the offendant "you will carry that shame with you for the rest of your life". Collins should have uttered those same words to the DA's office. Shame on you Brad Berry.


Wow, this seems incredibly lenient. The victim was as defenseless (maybe more so) as a child. How on earth is a 90 day jail sentence even remotely just in this case? Shame on the DA's office. Is a defenseless senior's suffering really this inconsequential to the Yamhill county DA? I will certainly be voting for another DA in this next election. I am disgusted.


Oh my goodness! Justice was not served here. Brad Berry should be ashamed of himself! Judge Collins needs to retire.

Joel R

Paul, Is there any way you could reach out to Brad Berry and ask him to write a guest editorial in the NewsRegister explaining this case? A helpless elderly woman is raped in a nursing home, the offender confesses that he did it and the DA's office chooses to plea deal for a few weeks in jail? and a very respected and seasoned judge signs off on it?? Something just doesnt add up. There must be more details and more nuance than you were able to convey in your article. At least I sure hope that's the case.


I like Joel R's question.. Is there any way you could reach out to Brad Berry and ask him to write a guest editorial in the NewsRegister explaining this case

Bill B

why limit his his article just to this case? Again, the department continues to plea bargain cases that at least in print seem to be slam dunks.


So we release "slam dunks" because... why? Oh, it requires us to do our JOBS! I have been the HR director of skilled nursing facilities and let me tell you, people like this have NO business being anywhere near that. Oh ya, he can't work in one. Does that stop him from being able to prey upon adult foster homes? How about other areas? This is a joke of a plea bargain and our judicial system. Measure 11 offense my butt! Mr. Berry, why don't you hire him to come take care of your elderly parent? Since you plea bargained him out. How about you Mr. Collins?

The "adult" knows better, he knows what is right and wrong and should be held accountable. No wonder we have so many young "adults" thinking they can do what ever they want, there is no one there holding them accountable for their actions! Stop coddling them DA and Judge!


Wow, Flex, based on my recollection of your previous comments, you are anti mask?....and you’re the HR director of a skilled nursing facility?....after the carnage caused by Covid to the senior and comprised of our society?.....That’s pretty shocking as well.....


I add my voice to the outrage, and second the request in Joel R’s comment. I need additional information because it seems impossible to understand how a wrist-slap could adjudicate such a horrendous crime.

Thanks in advance to our (award-winning) N/R for keeping us informed.


Tagup.. 1) I never said I am the HR director, I said I was. 2) I also never said I was anti mask, I am pro choice- there is a difference. And just for anyone who is taking notes I am also a firm believer in standing up for my senior and compromised community and protecting those who can't protect themselves, seniors and children alike. I also believe that a person should have the choice to govern themselves, not wear a mask or have a vaccine shoved down their throat. If they choose to have it or not is their choice and is private. People have the right to be safe in their home and have their loved ones taken care of in a safe manor.

Doing harm to others is never okay in my book and people who prey upon the weak, elderly and the young need to be treated in a manor to stop others from future actions. Too many people take advantage of the elderly because they are easy prey, this guy included. It wasn't something drug fueled, he thought it out, he planned it.


Brad Berry obviously believes he has his job for life and therefore would never stoop low enough to acknowledge the hoi polloi.
"Sorry" in this context means nothing.


If this had been the "loved one" of some the people that had the power to come up with this plea deal, would they feel that this was justice for their loved one?


Plus, the victim assaulted was female which, naturally, makes it a lesser offense.

Joel R



His co-workers even noticed he was whacked out on drugs while on the job....yet they did nothing.