By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Local law enforcement agencies react to Floyd death

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Does the academy teach anything regarding common sense ? the Officer in question here acted with out any, I believe common sense is instilled in us all by our maker and it is choice that activates it.

Thank's for printing Oregon enforcement Officers Statement .
The Officer involved in this horrific act, acted singlely and does not represent any taught method of any academy.


Snowbird- Officer Chauvin did not act on his own....there were 3 other officers on scene that did nothing to change the result and are also culpable....these kinds of acts happen all over the country and the majority of incidents are never reported. the article reminds us that criminal behavior by police against citizens happen even in McMinnville. I’m happy to see Chief Scales make a statement....but Talk is cheap....Law enforcement needs to be held to a higher standard for their actions and should not protected when they fail to meet department/ legal standards.
Police have a tough job....not everyone is qualified for service.


Let’s also place some blame where it belongs: American taxpayers have never been willing to out their money where their mouth is, and to invest in their police officers what it really would take.
In most civilized countries police work is a career that requires 2 or 3 years of training before officers are let loose on the public, and then rarely alone.
The Oregon police academy takes 16 weeks, and is actually one of the longer ones in the US. Any further training is at the whim of the departments and their budgets.
It’s a miracle we end up with so many excellent and dedicated officers under those conditions.


You make a good point Rump.....Like most things.....You get what you pay for....


1. Union reform needs to be considered - they protect officers with a lot of complaints like Chauvin. 2. I'm very suspicious in this case though because we know that Floyd (as a bouncer) and Chauvin (as security for 17 years) worked together at a nightclub. Could this have been an intentional murder? Could Floyd know something that potentially implicated Chauvin and wanted to make sure it never saw the light of day? I hope the DA is taking a close and thorough look. Could this be murder 1?


Yeah..that is interesting.....but it doesn’t excuse the other officers watching and letting it happen.....8 minutes with a knee on someone’s neck seems intentional to me.


They were charged too and need to be investigated in this regard as well as the 'arrest' was only a few blocks from the nightclub. Maybe I've seen one too many an episodes of NCIS but this is incredibly suspicious.

Its not hard to imagine. Chauvin was security for 17 years at this place. Things are under his watch, presumably including the bouncers. Were there things going on, say, drugs, prostitution, etc..? New bouncer is uncomfortable with something - makes the mistake of saying something once or Chauvin doesn't want to take the risk regardless when the former bouncer is later questioned.


Two of the other three cops were rookies, literally only on the job for a couple of days. They likely had barely figured out where the bathrooms are - I'd focus on Chauvin and the other of the three.

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