By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Letters seek Berschauer resignation

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FYI-the form letter can be found on Progressive Yamhill on Facebook. You can easily add your thoughts to it as you wish.


Lindsay Berschauer is a disappointment that cannot/will not go away until the next election cycle...


Maybe it's time we take another look at a five-member board of county commissioners. One or two commissioners would not have the same level of influence in a five-member board as they have in a three-member board.


PAO….you’re right !


172 form letters from the woke crowd, out of a county population of 107K. It seems that most are satisfied with Lindsay and her work. I say carry on.


What "work" is that Rotwang? She does nothing but incite and divide.


Berschauer is power drunk and attention obsessed. Its like the little kid who wants to get attention at any cost, even if its negative attention. She loves the front page coverage, even if its negative. So she will continue to do things (anything) that will simply draw attention. In the meantime we have to live with what was elected, an unqualified and ineffective commissioner that is only centered on her perceived self-interests. If anyone has ever done a deep dive into her background this is no surprise. Anything she has ever been involved with in her life always includes drama, nothing good, poor endings, and it's always someone else's fault. Best thing at this point is to simply ignore her. Unfortunately there will be a lot of irreparable damage in the meantime.


Not all of us want yamhill co to turn into Portland. I regretfully voted for Casey Kulla


Ogjeepman - The "becoming like Portland" theme is a political narrative scare tactic used by Starrett and Berschauer. Fact is there are no two candidates with more ties, history, and background to the Portland Metro area than Starrett and Berschauer. Demagogues like Starrett and Berschauer use scare tactics and then present themselves as the solution to the narrative they've sold. Its all drama......these two have yet to show they can govern at all, instead bashing everything and everyone else while never offering any leadership nor strategic direction at all.

Erin C.

Shorty- The Action Network Campaign can be found on the Facebook page of Save Yamhill County the group that sponsored it, as well as their webpage They are a nonpartisan group of concerned Yamhill Citizens. But you're right Progressive Yamhill shared their post as well.


Thanks Erin C for the additional information. I’m a Yamhill County citizen and I’m concerned about the behavior of Commissioners Berschauer and Starrett. Because of that concern I was seeking a way to get more involved.