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Kulla says water issues crucial for county's future

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The NR left leaning bias towards Kulla is so obvious on issues like this one. Is there any fact checking going on or do lefty's just get a brownie point and a pass? Does Kulla have any clue that water issues belong with the State for a reason? Kulla wants the County to do things Counties have no business doing and doesn't want the County to do what it's supposed to do. Counties can use water as a weapon for or against certain citizens, businesses, and interests and can choose winners and losers that's why it belongs with the State and why it's with the State to begin with.


Now I am speechless. How can it hurt if we all try to do things to improve our water situation. Planting more bushes and trees and stop wasting natural water ? So, when one is supporting these things one is a lefty ????


Seeking local input and expertise on issues that affect local people is always a good idea. Handing it off to the state, because the state claims jurisdiction, is the lazy way out. The state is overburdened with local demands, and often tends to apply one-size-fits-all policies to local issues needing more nuanced decision making. I support any effort to identify local solutions to local concerns. Crying foul against the "lefties", while lauding state control, is disengenuous.


The criticism at the top of these comments rings hollow. Bias? How does reporting facts equate to bias? And why would a common sense approach to dealing with such a serious issue be judged negative – or stranger yet - “left leaning?” Given current political realities, the “lefty” blame game is not only bogus, it is absurd.

To the N/R – thanks for the solid reporting.

To Commissioner Kulla - thanks for the thoughtful focus.


Actionjax. Lefty NR recommended Mary Starrett for reelection. You think she's a lefty? We are incredibly lucky in Yamhill County and McMinnville to have a independent family owned newspaper dedicated to our community. We could be in one of the many information deserts without a local newspaper telling local folks about their community.


Mike - Appreciate your spot-on logic, and totally agree with your observations.


I gotta say, it’s amusing watching the (il)logical contortionism required to curse common sense stewardship of resources due to the left-leaning politics of those who propose said stewardship while simultaneously supporting the left-leaning state’s right to run roughshod over local efforts at stewardship control, all the while decrying local media’s attempts to simply report the affair as “liberal bias.”

Dang. I hurt just writing that sentence.

Someone doesn’t understand the definition of “bias” and fails to get the point of “fact-checking.” Hint: it’s not the newspaper or the commissioner.

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