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Judge rules Newberg School Board policy unconstitutional

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Joel R

I have a great deal of respect for Judge Easterday and trust that she made a good ruling based on the unique merits of this case.
Having said that, it sure opens the door for political chaos in the schools. If the Black Lives Matters signs, rainbow flags and other such symbols of the far left are welcome, so too will be all of the political symbols of the far right. Picture a classroom with the rainbow flag flying proudly and right next door a classroom with the confederate flag flying. Kind of scary. Where does it end. There have to be boundaries. Schools should be for learning not indoctrination.
I have a feeling that in the years to come home schooling will become the norm and not the exception.


Joel, they fact that you say the left uses BLM and pride flags as symbols and the right uses confederate flags (and nazi symbols) truly highlights the differences between the left and the right. The left uses symbols meant to show support for minority and marginalized groups. The right uses symbols of hate. Yet some how to you, and I might add, anyone who leans right and is over the age of 50, these symbols are equal.

I don’t expect people of your ilk to change, but man do I hope our country can see the difference.

Joel R

Scotty, I didnt intend to say anything to indicate that the symbols of the far right and the far left are equivilant. I'm sorry my post came across that way. The point I was trying to make is that when you allow ANY political symbolms in a public school classroom you have to allow ALL. And as I said in my original post, that is a scary proposition that could create chaos in an environment that should be politically nuetral. My position is that schools should be for education and not indoctrination. No indoctrination by the left and no indoctrination by the right. Can we at least agree on that?


It seems the school board is destined to cost the district a hefty sum fighting this, just as the county is destined to pay a pretty penny fighting the gun ordinance. it seems the right wing in our county has no problem spending public dollars on vanity lawsuits they have no chance of winning. So much for fiscal responsibility.


The policy generated outcry from the radical extreme left wing section of the community that will make up their signs to protest and bully anyone they can who does not agree with them. If this were not true, both of the school board members and Commissioner Berschauer would have been recalled. Instead of thinking that people might not agree with their radical agenda, it must be that not enough people voted (don’t laugh, I’ve read that excuse in the comment sections). It must be a Progressive Yamhill talking point.

And this really started because of two items, whether you agree that they should be in a school or not. The BLM flag and the rainbow flag. The BLM flag represents a self-professed Marxist group that is responsible for, in 2020 alone, approx. $2 billion dollars of insured property damage, 25 dead African Americans, and injuries to 2500 police officers. This does not include the continued losses by family business, lost jobs, uninsured losses, etc.

The rainbow flag has been hijacked by an extremely disturbing movement of gender ideology that main stream gay/lesbian groups disavow. Is it appropriate to push the transgender indoctrination into elementary school and kindergarten? It doesn’t even belong in high school. This isn’t about gender acceptance, that’s the big lie. This is about drag show story hour, having 5 and 6 year old’s pick out their gender for the day, passing laws that hides gender therapy from parents, passing laws that calls child protective services if parents object to gender therapy for their young children. This is about hormone therapy of pre-pubescent kids, chemical castration of 8 year old boys, double mastectomies of 12 year old girls.

People are sick and tired of this, that’s why these board members were not recalled. And that’s why this agenda and these people who push this are going to be tossed out of office all across the country come November. Regardless of what the judge thinks.


Bigfoot, I have tried to ignore your comments, but man you make it hard. You are so ill informed it’s truly startling. Really not worth the effort to respond in whole. Nor would it do any good.


The combination of ignorance, bigotry & fear is truly an ugly mixture.

Joel R

Scotty and Tagup, the way I see it, when you read comments that you don't like (ie Bigfootlives above) you have three options:
1. Disagree and rebut them
2. Disagree and not dignify them with a response
3. Disagree but instead of rebutting his points, launch an ad hominem attack on him.
Unfortunately you both opted for #3 and it's not a good look. It's an approach that I see increasingly common on the left. Anyone who doesn't agree with leftist ideas is quickly written off as uneducated, unintelligent and uninformed. You don't ever seem to stop and realize that some people sincerely see the world different than you do.
It's kind of fun to keep an open mind and try to see things from another person's point of view. You don't have to agree but sometimes you learn something that helps shape your own view. I have a tendency to be the same way so I intend this bit of moralizing on my part to be directed at me too.
We all have so much that we could learn from each other.


Joel- my post was meant as an observation not an attack.
I find it amusing/ ironic that you feel I should keep an open mind while you defend the position of someone who clearly won’t do the same.


BigFootLoves is right on.
The BLM movement and the Critical Race Theory that inspires them are blatantly racist. Their racism is excused because they hate white people. Ironically; their efforts to defend and demoralize law enforcement has caused a surge in violent crime and homicides that has resulted in the deaths of THOUSANDS of Black people. The rainbow flag now represents the transvestite and transgender movement that now feels entitled to proselytize to and recruit children. We even have a cabal of surgeons that exploit the opportunity to mutilate children during their adolescent years when they are struggling to understand and adapt to their sexuality rather than allow them to develop the emotional maturity to make informed decisions.


Joel R.—Not sure who made you the comments monitor. Really, I don’t see anything offensive in Tagup and Scotty’s comments.


If you really want to see what happens when a state is ranked 50th in mental healthcare just read some of these posts.

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