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Ines Peña resigns from Newberg School Board

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If you aren't willing to take the criticism which comes with the position then you are fundamentally unable to be an advocate for your ideas. If you expected everyone to be agreeable then welcome to an elected board of individuals.

I'm more interested in the McMinnville School Board news of which I've heard zero lately. I cannot even find their minutes online.


TTT wow! It’s one thing to take criticism but her resignation has nothing to do with that. A toxic situation, whether it’s in your place of work, on a committee or in this case, a school board, grows old.
There are four people pretty much running the show and anyone who objects just isn’t heard. They have created an environment that few people want anything to do with. I don’t blame her for resigning. You can only hit your head against a brick wall for so long….

Reporter Starla Pointer

TTT, I found the McMinnville School Board minutes quite easily -- I'd actually never looked for them before, but it was pretty straightforward on the district's website, Go to school board, then scroll to "meetings" on the left side, click on that and select the meeting you're looking for, then click on "minutes."