By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Harden-Moore files for Kulla’s seat; Starrett files to run for third term

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So Starrett says, “I have sponsored or supported over 20 Board actions for the protection of constitutional rights during emergencies and to push back on Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s COVID restrictions.” We need to ask ourselves, outside of meaningless letters and resolutions which do absolutely nothing, what has Mary Starrett actually accomplished as a commissioner for 8 years. Nothing! Meanwhile, the county is an absolute mess. Her meaningless rhetoric has accomplished nothing of any value. Time to elect actual leaders instead of far-right well-funded puppets.


A vote for Starrett automatically means you have chosen the type of government you deserve.


A government that will basically leave you alone?


No- a government that wastes taxpayer time & money on personal projects and favors family and major campaign contributors.

Don Dix

tagup -- are you describing Yamhill County, the state of Oregon, or the Feds? -- it appears they all fit.


Point taken Don- but given the lack of vision and failure of leadership on the county commission, it’s time for change.

Joel R

Good grief, that's all we need now is to drop a "diversity consultant and politcal activist" into the mix with our current chaotic and unstable group of personalities. Lord help us all.