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Grizzlies own their Invitational tourney

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Great photo!


Great photos! Who ever wrote this story doesn't know wrestling from horse racing. It's illegal to slam anybody in wrestling unless it's WWF. Glad McMinnville won their own tournament. A program on the way back up. Congratulations !



My name - Logan Brandon - is at the top of this article. You may use my name in the future when offering criticism.

I do believe there is a difference between wrestling and horse racing, as I didn't see any equines at the recent torunament.

I use slam as a synonym for take down, to break repetition.

Thanks for the comment.


I thought "slam" was totally appropriate.


Logan and LuLu the term slam in High School Wrestling is not a legal move in any form. They stop the match if you slam someone. Logan I didn't see your name at the top but to use that term to change it up doesn't work for me. Sorry if I offended you.

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