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Police, fire marshal continue inquiry into Third Street fire

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Old buildings, tinder dry, years and years of different quirky remodels. Could have been catastrophic, Damn good job by MFD!


Bigfoot, are you describing the 3 “historic” buildings the city counsel denied demolition on?


So glad there were no injuries, and that damage was contained. Hope they're able to get it repaired soon. It would be a real tragedy to lose the pizza theater!

Bill B

Good point Bleepbloop. Doubtful there are fire walls between these buildings which means we could lose an entire block. Wonder if that was considered with the Gwendolyn (sp) decision


BB - In my younger days in the field doing HVAC service I was in most of the buildings on 3rd street. Old, tinder dry, years and years of quirky remodels, describes just about every building on third street. Big, concrete and ugly, those are probably the only ones that would survive.


3rd Street doesn't usually burn its pizzas, just saying.


I'm guessing a homeless person started the fire after breaking in the back. Maybe on purpose, maybe careless. We'll find out if the police ever tell us.


It's just that kind of blame game Leo that only adds fuel to the fire. Rather than make errant speculations, why not wait until the Fire Marshall makes a ruling, Leo?


Oh Hibb, Leo isn't too far off on this though.