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Eviction notice has Mulkey residents scrambling

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What's so surprising? Waste Management is simply doing what it does best.


Notice should have been served long before now. As the article mentioned many of these people won't be able to move to another park. And, RV parks this time of year are pretty full. This is an example of the type of commitment you get from an out-of-state corporation who has profit at the top of its priority list. Shouldn't our commissioners be at the forefront of this issue in negotiating a better deal for these county residents?


In my opinion, Jackie Lane, the park owner/manager is responsible for shameful circumstances the residents are now forced into. She has consistently lied to residents and misrepresented the factual positions of waste management and the rv parks status to her customers. Her actions have become mean, calloused and without regard for her customers safety and welfare. It appears, from the articles and recent communication with current residents the she has lied to both waste management as well as her customers. In my opinion, just another non feeling white collar criminal.


Residents have been ordered to vacate Mulkey RV park at the behest of longtime owner Waste Management Inc., in what has to be one of the most insensitive moves in a community/county that is seeing its fair share (and then some) of hard times. Housing is one of the chief problems plaguing the county and here is another example of someone that claims to a community partner and they in turn boot everyone off of their land, knowing full well that those people have nowhere else to go. This is reprehensible and certainly not something that a community partner would do.

Shame on Waste Management Inc.

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