By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

COVID vaccines OK’d for young children

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Also, facilitating blood clots and sudden death with an experimental shot.


Exhibit A for why medical advice from an online forum is a bad idea.


Well, tag, you might want to do some reading through the Pfizer documents that the courts ordered them to release. You know the documents, the ones they wanted sealed for 75 years, read them and you will understand why. Not my words, not your favorite right wing boogie man’s word, Pfizer’s own words and facts.


My concern is the incestuous relationship between our FDA and Big-Pharma where 45% of the funding comes from user fees and the revolving door between the two. It reminds me far too much of the Big Banks and the SEC and we all saw what happened in 2008. For a nation that blows trillions left and right on emergencies how we don't fully fund a fully independent FDA and adequately fund research into repurposing orphaned generic drugs is beyond me. This is a recent podcast from one of my financial shows discussing a new book that is out. In the end, MRNA is a new technology so let me know when we have decades worth of data before being dogmatic or mandating its use. I still am dumbfounded by all those one-size-fits-all mindless mandates that didn't even recognize natural immunity.


Messenger RNA or mRNA was discovered in the early 1960s; research into how mRNA could be delivered into cells was developed in the 1970s. The first mRNA flu vaccine was tested in mice in the 1990s and the first mNRA rabies vaccine was tested in humans in 2013. In the interim there were technical challenges that took some innovation to overcome.
The biggest challenge was that mRNA would be taken up by the body and degraded before the message could be delivered. The solution came through advances in nano technology.
The groundwork for the Covid 19 vaccine was laid in decades of research. The deadliness of the pandemic accelerated the need for a vaccine. Scientists throughout the world worked together to produce the highest ghly effective vaccines. To say that mRNA is a new technology is absurd.


Widespread use in humans is new as this is the first time.


I agree that the relationship between the FDA and “Big-Pharma” has been cause for concern and justifiably so for some time. However, it is the best that we have to work wit at this time. The concern extends to ALL drugs that are developed and then approved by the FDA in the US. Yet most Americans don’t give a second thought to how the meds they take for blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety, depression etc. were approved. Much less vaccines for the flu, pneumonia, shingles etc. The mistrust of mRNA is created by politicalization and misinformation on social media.


Totally agree that social media is causing politization and misinformation. I think it's led us to a point where 'we don't know' is no longer an acceptable answer which is the reasoning behind further research, data collection, and transparency.

Bill B

I've spent a lot of time researching treatments and preventatives against Covid 19. Clearly the messenger RNA vaccines provide some protection from the Wuhan and Delta variants. The jury is still out on the latest ones. That said, the efficacy and safety profile of Mrna vaccines does not compare to protein based ones; in particular Novavax. Unfortunately the FDA has been slow walking it's approval for several months.


Sure, let's return to the glory days of smallpox and diphtheria, polio and TB.
How many of you have written manifestos?
Or maybe you simply feel apprehensive about an owie on your arm.