By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

County to hold second reading of expansion referral

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Commissioners should reject this referral, and create a Home Rule Charter Committee, instead. Since we now have a County Administrator, there is no way to justify this kind of expense. If the policy decision-making function of the board has become too complex for just three people, we could expand the board to five, but make them volunteers provided with a monthly stipend, similar to Clatsop County. The Clackamas County model, which the proponents have championed, is a fiscal nightmare. Reject this proposal, and start over by looking at Home Rule. It would save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and create a more open and accessible process.


Well stated Sponge. 2 volunteers seems reasonable. $300,000 is a big chunk of change. Will the report also include how we are going to afford the extra 2 and do we get to vote on that?

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