By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

County to hold another hearing on Yamhelas Westsider Trail

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This project is the last thing that needs to be even thought about in times like these. Taxpayer money can be used in much better places than wasting it on this project. We can’t even clean up the garbage on Westside Road so how will they ever keep a trail cleaned up? There are way more important things to take care of right now in this county than this “pie in the sky” project.


The trail idea could disappear (possibly) after the election for a new commissioner. Maybe that’s the rush? Resulting in the unbelievably poor decision to talk about it now - during a pandemic?


Jim, I usually agree with you on most issues...but not this. I think the trail would be a great thing for our county. Anything that gets people outside exercising, enjoying fresh air and nature, spending time with family, is a good thing. Better than the alternatives of being cooped up in their houses smoking dope, playing video games, beating their wives etc.
That said, I don't blame the farmers for opposing it. I probably would too if I were in their shoes. But I think their concerns are unfounded. Lot of other counties have these kind of trails and little to no problems associated with them. in my opinion, overall it would be a big net positive.


Joel I’m not going to argue about the points for or against the trail. We both have our opinions and I respect yours but now is not the time for politics or spending money on a project that still has no plan or costs attached to it.



Spring water Trail is anything but problem free.


Spingwater trail is in an urban, dense area. Yamhelas trail will be rural. Big difference and it will be great to recreate and exercise safely in the rural part of the county when it's completed.



Disagree. Spring water trail remake .... the only difference our County can’t afford the “sweeps” Multnomah County occasionally makes. You must be a wine grower? Own a business along the trail... not sure - just a guess.

28 years living in this County I see plenty of rural roads to hike, bike etc

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