By Anna Lieberman • Intern • 

County commemorates its 175th birthday

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Hey NewsRegister the title of this story needs a spell check. "County cmmemorates its 175th birthday"

Racheal Winter

Thanks, TTT. Fixed.


Thanks very much for the front page article, Anna. Just a couple of boo-boos: it was an 1864 medical dictionary, an 1861 doll trunk, the musket is from 1763 - 1766, and even though the birthday was held at the Yamhill Valley Heritage Center the artifacts are from the Yamhill County Historical Society at the Lafayette Site of the Miller/Stoller Research Library and Poling Memorial Church Museum at 657 and 605 Market Street, Lafayette.

Mac Native 66

One phone call does the trick to have the correction made. 50three 47two 5one one4. After I saw the mistake, I made the call.

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