By Kirby Neumann-Rea • Of the News-Register • 

Council continues Three Mile Lane Plan hearing

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David S. Wall

McMinnvilleans should ask many questions to their elected are some of them.

Three Mile Lane Area Project (TMLAP): How much money has been spent to date on TMLAP (including staff time)? What FUNDS were used-(GENERAL FUND, Grants-if so...Identify 'Grants' and list 'obligations' per 'Grant' and Philanthropic Donations (if any).

It is truly sad, the TMLAP will be presented by the Planning Director and crew to the Parkway Committee. Don't forget to add these costs.

New Recreation / Swim Center Project (NRSCP) deal with Linfield. Same aforementioned questions. One specific question, 'Will Linfield "Hog-the Pool" with college students' and dominate the Recreation Center?

**Third Street 'Money-pit' Project (TSMP2): Same aforementioned questions include Urban Renewal Agency expenditures.

***By the way...check-out the 'Indebtedness' already racked-up by the Urban Renewal Agency below:

***In case you do not have a computer, the Urban Renewal Agency indebtedness is; [$27,292,041] when the FY21-22 Budget was adopted.

Now the tougher questions...

The FY22-23 Budget Deficit antics also require stringent review.

**What are the reasons to retain a 'bloated and incompetent' government when downsizing is fiscally and morally responsible?

David S. Wall