By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Commissioners say ODOT should help repay grants

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Mac Grizzly

Note to Berschauer and Starrett, ODOT doesn't really care what you think. The county has an obligation and they are not meeting what they promised they would do when they accepted the grant - period. You really don't have a position to negotiate from. That's where short sighted thinking gets you. When you seek to demolish any relationship that you need to have, whether it be state agencies or county staff, you're not going to get anywhere. A project in process for ten years that gets shut down will have numerous expenses to demobilize the project. Unfortunately the county has done this in the past too, it was just hidden better than this one is.


Berschaeur seems to think everyone else is as crooked as she is. This whole debacle is just another example of how B&S make knee jerk decisions without considering the implications. They have to be two of the most worthless lumps to ever be elected in the county.


Good grief, Berschauer and Starrett are nuts. Can't wait to vote them out.


This just keeps getting better and better. "You get the politicians you deserve" seems to be the appropriate quote for these two.

Big Danny

Oh thank goodness, a bunch of turds who won't run for office giving advice.... thank you!

Tell mom you're out of pizza rolls.


Just build a road on the trail for cars only....and no big trucks. Wait a while until the board flips and then make a motion to close the road to vehicle traffic. Boom.


Why exactly would ODOT be motivated to make a “more agreeable offer” ?
Yamhill County breached the contract....and has zero negotiation leverage.
I guess begging might help, but accusations of “accountability “ will likely be counter productive in any negotiation.....what is the county’s fall back position if ODOT doesn’t budge?....going to court without a case doesn’t sound like much of a plan....
Note to two of the commissioners....Defaults don’t help the county’s financing in the future!


I love the quote "sharpen your pencils". The state will respond with "give us our money".

Starrett was weird and non-productive before, but has gone full-throttle off the deep end with the addition of a like-minded partner.

David S. Wall

Man, this is a tough crowd.

Absolutely "No love" can be seen in this newsworthy, well reported article.

It's time a Grand Jury be impaneled to ferret out the alleged breaches of fiduciary duties.

Especially, since attorney Steve Elzinga must be representing at least one very hungry Plaintiff.

Yamhill County owes ODOT $687,000 (and maybe "interest" as the clock keeps ticking away).

Has any Commissioner considered ODOT might "pull-the-plug" on Phase II of the Bypass funding if ODOT doesn't get their all of their money in a prompt single payment?

Will ODOT ever believe Yamhill County Commissioners are "truthful" in obtaining "local funding to demonstrate local support" to obtain ODOT contractual funding for the Bypass?

Or, will ODOT divert the money for the Bypass to the Rose Quarter / I-205 project?

Will Bonamici work harder to give Yamhill County any Federal Dollars in the continuing wake of this scandal? Maybe. Maybe not.

There is more to come.

David S. Wall