By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

City of Yamhill restricts water use; garden can be watered betwen 6 p.m. and 10 a.m.

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David S. Wall

The original article by Ms. Pointer was published on [August 4, 2021].

Since that date, the article has grown a little more 'meat' on its' bones.

My previous response to the water shortage in Yamhill was not posted along with the latest article but, I have provided my previous commentary after I respond to some salient and related issues.

Below are a few questions for the YCC.

*Has the Yamhill City Council (YCC) issued a building and sewer hook-up Moratorium?

Or, are the YCC allowing new housing projects to proceed?

*What significant actions have the YCC taken to protect existing businesses in Yamhill? Any reductions in taxes and or regulations? There sure should be.

*Are 'New businesses' being permitted to conduct business in Yamhill in the throes of a severe water shortage?

*What actions, if any, have been taken by the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners (BOC) to assist Yamhill during the severe water shortage?

*There are several additional jurisdictions in Yamhill County suffering from unsustainable water sources. Yet, are there 'New building and Business' permitting Moratoriums to save water for existing people and businesses?

There are many more questions to be asked and answered by the YCC and BOC.

David S. Wall [Monday: (08.09.21)]

David S. Wall

From the original article by Ms. Pointer published [August 4, 2021].

From the article,

"Citizens and council members plan to go door-to-door Friday afternoon to make sure every household is aware of the water restrictions and the need to conserve as much water as possible."

I have a problem with unwarranted government and or their deputies intrusion onto private property and thereby disturbing the peace and tranquility of a household to intimidate the occupants therein with trespassory water restriction messages.

The Yamhill City Council should focus their efforts to enact a "Development Moratorium" denying permits for all businesses and housing projects until sustainable water sources can be secured.

From the article,

"They could even declare Level 4 curtailment, which would essentially make it illegal to do any outdoor watering."

Many people have lost jobs and are growing food for themselves and or for local food banks.

Good luck trying to force and or intimidate vegetable gardeners to give up food producing efforts.

Wells are starting to dry-up.

Everyone in Yamhill County should be very concerned on water conservation and securing sustainable water sources.

Is Yamhill County ready for a discussion on a Reclaimed Water project?

David S. Wall