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Church's charity under the radar for a reason

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Get rid of Sanctuary Laws and SB100


The churches started this. Have you driven by when the groups are done eating and start flowing out onto the streets? Quite capable of working and contributing to society. Shame on this church and the others. If you want to help them open your doors and keep them in there and truly help them vs attracting them here for "services" so you can feel warm and fuzzy. Your not helping... you are the problem.


Stella - I've often thought the same thing. Like it's a big joke. Standing out there laughing and smoking with their to go bags. The truly needy are lost among all the freeloaders.


Solid approach to a many faceted problem. Serving those who are homeless to find permanent housing is one of the real paths to curbing the problem. It is unfortunately not the only way as not all homeless are homeless for the same reason. If anything, as a non church member, instead of pointing the finger at the big problem as people tend to do so suddenly. Help those that are attempting to solve the problem one person at a time. They are making a difference, small, but all the same a change. And they have rules that must be followed or lose your place. Seems to have worked for them for years....don't judge them based on what is going on around them.


True Vine Fellowship and Pastor Nice. You state this this " property is yours", that you can : close your porch", you are sadly mistaken and evidently ignornant. The sidewalk is city property and not owned by you or your church. I drive past there many days and your so called" rules" are not being obeyed. A church cannot make up rules for a city sidewalk. Nor, do you have the right to try and protect the space. I could not do this on the sidewalk in front of my house and neither can you. If you feel so strongly about this, then open up your " porch" where ever that is, but it is NOT the sidewalk. You, the church, are the problem....


I felt like I had to say a few more things. Stella and Finch, and Greg I agree with you. I would like to see the Citizens of our City boycott the Churches that are promoting this and encouraging these " camps" in front of their churches that is on City property and not " their" property, or their" porch". . I'm not sure that anything will be done, as you look at the areas out on Riverside Drive. The City of Mac does not seem to care that we are becoming a Homeless Camp on our public areas. As the warmer months approach, this is only going to become worse and unfortunately there will be clashes between the Homeless and Citizens. I already shamed the True Vine Church and the Pastor, now I am shaming the City officials..


A time not too long ago there were debtor prisons for people who didn't by their debts. Those good old days. Now for folks who can't pay monster rental fees, are too mental ill to function in our society, or are too drug addicted to be hired we have another excellent solution, homeless prison. Easy we just assume they are all drug addicts. No need for Christian charity, no need for Churches to help. Those Christians seem to be part of the problem. Just through the bums out or let us support them in jail.


The church is doing what it is supposed to do don't knock it because churches rarely do as they have been commissioned. This is just the council trying to absolve themselves of responsibility and play the shell game. The council wants you and I to be mad at anyone but them and let's not forget the NR has a dog in this fight and will do or say just about anything to help their employee and city councilman Sal Peralta. If they help change the narrative then Sal will look better. RECALL the whole council and the Mayor.


Echo chamber of negativity. NR your comments are like a little Reddit or Twitter cluster. At least you give folks a place to express their opinions. Thank you for that.


Mike - wow great listening. GET them help or lock them up or move them along. We (including the churches) are enabling

Actionjax. The churches are doing zero to help. They attract them here and line up for handouts from Mary Starrett. They feed them and let them sleep in the doorway but scoot them along at dawn? Really?

I agree with everything else. Time for change! RECALL


Stella, the Bible teaches to take care of the poor and feed the hungry and that is what True Vine is trying to do so I don't blame the churches. I feel much like you do when it comes to today's homeless population. Where there is real need or desire for change I am all about supporting that at the same time there are also lazy, selfish, entitled addicts that deserve no support at all. Our Social Security admin. and welfare offices reward these behaviors by giving a lifetime addict money because they "cannot work" this just creates generational system abusers.
That being said right now it is the city council and mayor that are coddling these people, not following their own codes they make the rest of us follow. Leave a campaign sign on your lawn pass campaign season and you'll see what I mean the code enforcement officer will come by and cite you but not remove a crazed addict from city property. RECALL!

Jeb Bladine


Sal Peralta is not an employee of the News-Register. If you looked, you would find multiple News-Register commentaries that have been critical of the city related to homelessness issues.


Demands for recall are ridiculous. They usually represent knee-jerk reactions to single issues. A better course would be to work within the system to offer specific solutions to specific problems. If one is still not satisfied, run for office yourself, or support like-minded candidates at the next election.


Have it how you like Jeb .


It’s not a problem unique to McMinnville. I’m on a work trip in Santa Cruz. I am astonished how many homeless folks there are here. And this is secular liberal California where there really aren’t any churches at all! Liberal and sanctuary law is why this problem is so prominent on the west coast.


The page you reference is from 2013. Six years ago, Sal Peralta worked for the News-Register. He no longer works for the News-Register.
People move on over time, and he has moved on. What is difficult to understand about that?

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