By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Cashman found not guilty of the most serious charges

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Local Yokel

Could this whole thing have been avoided had his family sought the help he was asking them for? Do they carry some responsibility for the situation?

Bill B

Any chance the news register could print the jury instructions. For us.

Joel R

Twelve thoughtful and unbiased people putting a hard brake on the power that the DA's office and the police wield. It's a beautiful thing. I'm so grateful that I live in America.

Bill B

Joel R - Are you at all concerned about what can happen when this guy gets out?



Goodness! We've found something we see the same way — a jury doing its job without fear or favor.


Joel R

I knew sooner or later we'd agree on something! :) Hopefully this isn't the last!
Believe it or not Tagup and I have also agreed on a few things (probably about ten?) over the years.

Joel R

Bill, Yeah kinda. But that said, it sounds like the man didn't try to murder anyone and the jury did a stellar job of convicting him of only the crimes he committed. That's a good thing.

Bill B

Joel R - not sure what you read, but according to the article. the officer testified that he shot at him. Sounds intentional to me

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