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Ballot Measure 101 to determine OHP funding

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What a piece of garbage. I'm not surprised that Esquivel is a part of this conspiracy to commit theft. This is a sales tax on medical plans. Countless millions are being dumped into the slick advertising campaign to support the vote for the sales tax. If this passes, they'll try for more sales taxes next time, "for the kids." They will never be satisfied.

Let's all vote NO, and let them devote their time in the short session to actually cutting government, instead of making it a scramble to pass as much special-interest legislation as they can, as it was two years ago. Don't forget that short sessions were sold to us as a way to tweak the budget - and nothing else - between biennial sessions.


Yes, he should have read it better before voting on it in the first place. I was among those asking him to vote no on all tax increases while there were still anti-gun bills in play.


This is an unfair tax, that only certain groups will be required to pay.

Read the excellent editorial opinion on The Oregonian to understand why this measure should fail.

Remember, this state has thrown hundreds of millions of dollars with literally nothing to show for it.

Don’t give Salem and Portland more money to throw away.

Vote NO on 101.


“Cover Oregon” not Care Oregon.

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