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Baker Creek traffic raises concern

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Wow- more bike lanes and ped paths! Whoopie!!! Last I looked, most people are in CARS!!! And the $2 million spent on Hill and Baker creek did nothing except push traffic into the sub divisions and create the Yohn Ranch Expressway! I have zero faith that our founding fathers will do anything except screw it up worse than it already is!


If I'm reading this correctly it sounds like Mr Bissett is basically saying "we decided as a community that we are going to have major congestion at our intersections and their is nothing we can do about it, so deal with it."
If that is what he's saying, I would ask "when did we as a community decide that?"


Who’s running this town Ted Wheelers relatives?

M. Lazzeri

A simple left turn only signal would greatly facilitate traffic movement at 99W and Baker creek. I hope the city pressures ODOT to make it happen sooner rather than later. It's a mess as is - but seems quite fixable.


I know what would help this mess. Turn. 2nd and Baker Creek into two lane one way loop. Second goes West and Baker Creek goes East. And bring in a trolley, add several more layers to the parking garage in downtown and bring in a commuter type train again to that old stop by village quarter apartment complex have one stop by mcdougal one in Springbrook in Newberg and one in Tualatin and then in Tigard to meet the soon to be built MAX train. McMinnville is headed to 100,000 real quick they should pull all the stops!


"when did we as a community decide that?"

The 2014 Transportation General Obligation Bond was preceded by about a year of public meetings, hearings, council meetings, and finally a public vote. Sorry if anyone missed them.

Important things continue to happen for you community. And most of the time you can find out about them by reading the News Register every day. But more current and up to date information about meeting and hearing schedules are also available on the City of McMinnville website. There you will find an update to the Transp GOB from Jan of last year showing which portions of the approved projects have been completed and what still remains.


I believe McMinnville’s population in 2010 was 32, May of 2019 the Population estimate was 34,612..not sure your definition of “real quick” is shared by population studies....


Thanks Treehouse. Could you please provide a link to the document that shows that we all voted as a community for a plan that includes heavy traffic congestion? You and Mr Bissett seem to be saying their is such a document.


What this county needs is several more bridges connecting to I5 and the Willamette valley needs a second Interstate freeway basically starting at Eugene and replace current 99W and highway 47 turn it into an alternative to i5 coordidor and go all the way to Olympia area with it. Call it I-605 and also turn 18 to Lincoln City into an interstate as well. And make McMinnville into a real airport so people have an alternative to PDX. Let’s really blow the door off and grow this thing!


They were talking about I-605 years ago with as many people as we now have flooding into the area start way further south and connect all the way at Olympia. This would help out a lot !


I think we should wall-off Oregon


The City planners and Council never seem to consider the full impacts of their choices - not mine - on our community. Soon we'll look like Tigard and it will be time to leave.


@ lindae are you kidding ? It already does look like Tigard! And yes it is time to leave now that they brought in all the Californians and their dumb political system.

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