By Scott Unger • Of the News-Register • 

At Mac council, a clash over homeless policies

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I think we can find a plan that works. I would like to see a camp that includes services like Laundry, Mental Health, Addiction counseling, Labor ready and free clinics with resources on recycling, fixing vehicles and growing food. I have some of this already figured out similar to this below. I'm hoping on producing a more solid plan come into next summer ....


RECRIMINALIZE DRUGS. Drabkin is on the right track.

David S. Wall

Perhaps an updated resubmission of [MARTIN V. BOISE] to the Supreme Court might be useful.

The composition of the Supreme Court has changed; Homeless problems have dramatically increased causing excessive, unsustainable financial harm to affected cities.


David S. Wall


Mr. S., I don't believe Drabkin is on the right track at all, as she's not looking to recriminalize drugs. Like Portland's inept Mayor, they're both looking to close the loophole that allows illicit drugs to be used in public. Drug use will still be decriminalized, it will just have to be done behind closed doors (or bushes, or garbage cans).

The only change that will be effective on 110 is to completely repeal it. I've still never understood how people thought this would end any way other than it has when drugs were decriminalized.

Joel R

At least the Mayor and city council are trying to do something about all of this. I'm glad to know that they care and are trying to find solutions.

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