By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Air show on course for McMinnville debut

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It's interesting that the News Register reports of the upcoming air show continue to imply that it may not happen, and don't give any clues on how to buy tickets. My family got ours two weeks when the early sale started and within three days they were mostly sold out. There was nothing left but general admission and special reserved sections at $150 and up per seat. It seems like sharing all these doubts and details while withholding purchasing information is a good way to insure a lot of locals miss their chance and will be even more against the whole idea should they try to hold the show here again.


Here is a good opportunity to steal this permanently from Hillsboro.

I hope it’s not wasted.


I second that OregonBorn!


Does McMinnville have the lodging space for this crowd?....Doesn’t seem like it....


Don't worry we don't have to steal this from Hillsboro. They are happy to get rid of the mess this event always created. Not to mention the possible danger and the noises coming with it.

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