Letters to the Editor: July 28, 2017

They let the dogs out

Remember the woman married to a veterinarian who shot two dogs that roamed onto her property because no one was doing anything about the situation?
I get it.

I walked my dog on the greenway between Cypress Street and Fleishauer Lane. An unleashed dog ran from its owner and attacked my leashed dog. It damaged both my dog’s ears.

Here’s the crux: A woman said that dog attacked five other dogs recently, and she was told by the police the next time it happens, she should call the police again. I said she should call. The police came to my home to question me.

The police told me it’s a county dog control issue. I went there the next day, and they said it’s an issue for the McMinnville police. The McMinnville police said there is no dog control, and all I can do is sue the person in civil court.

The change to the July 2017 rule doing away with dog control in McMinnville is unwritten. In fact, the city ordinances haven’t been updated since 1990.
I now understand people who want to get guns and permits to carry concealed weapons.

The city mission statement says the city is concerned for the safety of its citizens. Watching a pet mauled by another dog that causes PTSD in the owner is not keeping citizens safe.

McMinnville let us down again.

Sheila Hunter



Honor the farmers

The combines are out this time of year. Traffic is often slowed by these lumbering giants. They are a reminder to slow down and marvel at this mechanical age and our productive country. Without big equipment, our groceries would cost more, and instead of sitting in our air-conditioned cars, a third of us would be harvesting in the heat and the dust.

Nancy Thornton